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We are specialists in CFO & Finance leader executive search across all sectors.

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In today’s society, digital disruption has become a way of life. Technologies are rapidly and constantly being updated and developed, prompting industries and companies to adapt to the new market and to utilize the new knowledge. With the ever-changing atmosphere in the industry, competition is getting tougher to find the best financial talent that can adapt to these changes. At akiPartners, we can assist you in improving your organization by finding the best talents that you need.

Specializations - akiPartners Finance Recruiter & Headhunter

We have been in the finance industry for 20 years now and our specialists are trained to locate the best and most talented financial executives and CFOs based on your specifications efficiently. Since we started, we have recruited multiple financial executives for every industry and business level, inclusive of multinational organisations and private equity firms.

Even to this day, our network is continuously growing and always ready to help clients. Thanks to our experiences and specialties, we understand the complexity of how the job market for financial talents works. 

Specializations - akiPartners Finance Recruiter & Headhunter

Our process

For someone to qualify as an ideal financial talent, they must have an impressive background in operational and financial leadership, a good track record in assisting company or business growth, and an exceptional skill set that makes them an asset to any company that hires them.


Some other skill sets we look for include adaptability, foresight, mental flexibility and high digital IQ. We understand the requirements for an ideal CFO and what trends influence the KPIs.

Based on our track record, our team can identify these future financial executives with validated performance results and years of experience.


Over the years, these same financial executives we scouted before eventually become our new clients who come back to us for their recruitment needs


With our knowledge, meticulous service and extensive network, CFOs and financial key hiring managers trust our team to help their companies find the right talent to allow operations to thrive without worry.
We are prepared and ready to serve your needs right now.

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We deliver knowledgeable and consultative hiring services, regularly expanding our network of qualified and experienced professionals to deliver top talent to grow your business.

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